Match Report
Scotch College 2nds vs  Wesley College
On: Saturday, 16 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

Scotch burst out of the blocks, with great passing and hitting. Overall, Wesley had little answer to our consistency and controlled aggression. Some of the best vball I have seen to team play.

Third set, and the foot was taken off the accelerator. There was less of a fire burning here to value the first 10 points in this set, so we were sent chasing Wesley who had started ironing out their mistakes and being more aggressive on the ball. We were taken by surprise in Wesley's offense and started mishandling the ball and communication went down. Overall, even with the late rally, we lost this set.

The forth set, Wesley's confidence was high and the pressure put on us was much greater. We became less level-headed, trying for 1%ers and not converting. Time was called, and Wesley did not reach the end of the set.

SC 2 d WC 1