Match Report
Scotch College 1st XVIII vs  Aquinas College
On: Saturday, 04 May 2019
Venue: Away

Whilst acknowledging the major test ahead of us, we did approach the game with some confidence . We had trained particularly well, and there were positive signs during our trial games.
However, we were on the back foot very early as a powerful Aquinas team kicked 3 goals to 0 on their home ground.
The boys recovered and played some solid football for the rest of this quarter.
Our second quarter included lengthy periods of forward ground position. A succession of relatively fundamental errors left us vulnerable , and we were made to pay dearly on the scoreboard. These included 2 x 50m penalties which made Aquinas goal conversion simple. Plus a number of out on the fulls from our errant kicks. We also rushed our disposal at times, when more composure was required.
I thought if we eradicated these errors, and received a lift from a few individuals we could be relatively close at 3/4 time. We were also doing quite well at stoppages and this is a solid base to work from. Unfortunately , Aquinas got right on top and together with the new rules ( 6-6-6) , it was difficult to arrest this .
The players did continue determinedly in the final quarter.
We are disappointed with the result and how we played, notwithstanding the tough opposition.
My message to the players was learn and improve from this. But, with a strong reminder that it’s actions that count in football, not talk or thought.