Match Report
Scotch College 1sts vs  Hale School, Perth
On: Saturday, 09 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

Hale burst out of the blocks in the first set, with tight set plays that led to some very clean hitting. Their confidence and efficiency with the ball made it hard to control the pace of the game, the Scotch boys very much playing on Hale’s terms for the first two sets; winning 25-8, 25-8.

The boys rallied in the third set, our defence was far more solid and our passing play produced some great winners and blocks. Hale, rattled, held on for a 25-17 in the third set.

Highlights for me was the dedication the boys produced in the last set. We were down in the third around 20-15, Lachlan Hyndes was sent scrambling by a well-placed lob to the back court. He attacked the ball as best as he could, making a recovery shot. David Chan and Will Craig, seeing Lachlan Hyndes effort, rushed to support him. They all played the ball, but couldn’t translate it across the net. I was proud of the boys in this moment, it is easy to hang your head after the result from the first two sets. The amount of courage and determination they showed in this points, amongst others, made for a highly spirited match against a very strong opponent.